Car Removals

At Start Towing quick car removal we understand the frustration of having your unwanted vehicle sitting at the front of the house unregistered and in danger of being picked up and taken away from the council. That is why we strive to give you a speedy and smooth experience as we take care of picking up your unwanted vehicle free of charge, paying you from $50-$9000 guaranteed in your pockets, as well as providing you with all the paperwork you need to when dealing with RMS. WE WILL EVEN DISPOSE OF THE PLATES FOR YOU!

Whether it be a day or night, public holiday, or on a busy working day our drivers are ready and at your service to pick up your unwanted vehicle and to pay you top cash for it. Our highly experienced professionals will offer you the most value for your damaged car.

Our highly experienced drivers will also go to the extent to advise you if you could quickly repair your vehicle, or get it picked up and pay you top cash for it instead of you paying for ongoing repairs.

Ever wondered what happens to your car after we take it away? After we pick up your vehicle, all parts are made apart and recycled and sold as parts for a better more sustainable environment.

Car Removals
Here are a few services that we can offer you
  • Cash on the spot
  • Free care removal
  • Serving all suburbs
  • Car removals will be done within hours of your quote
  • Unwanted car removal
  • Damages parts for scrap
  • Rusted
  • Damaged
  • Unwanted trucks, Utes, vans, buses machinery
All your unwanted vehicles are treasures to us!

For your convenience, our company offers fast service, guaranteed top cash, Instant quote for the job, Texting service to update you on the arrival of your driver, and all paperwork necessary